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Garage Door Repairs Projects Near Greenville NY

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Garage Door Repairs Projects Near Greenville NY

Garage door repairs is a broad term that covers all sorts of tasks. You may need to get a garage door panel replaced or a sensor realigned. Sometimes your garage door can go off track and you’ll need a nearby expert to set it straight. Whatever the case may be, Garage Door Repair White Plains has the affordable solution you need. Here are a few examples of projects completed near Greenville somewhat recently.

Panel Replacement | South Westerlo | Garage Door Repair White Plains

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: A vandalism incident left one of the customer’s garage door panels broken to the point where she wanted a replacement.
Our Solution: Our team had the customer remove her car to make room to work, and then raised the overhead garage door off its tracks. They unscrewed the panel and slid it out before putting in the replacement Clopay panel and attaching its rollers, and then reinstalled the door.

Jaclyn Culler - South Westerlo
Sensor Alignment | Norton Hill | Garage Door Repair White Plains

Sensor Alignment

Customer Issue: Mr. Gaulke’s garage door kept returning to the open position after just a moment when he tried to close it.
Our Solution: Checking the garage door sensor LED’s confirmed the nature of the problem. Our team then cleaned the lenses, loosened the photo eye pair, and adjusted and leveled them before retightening. Once the opener was reconnected, the door opened and closed perfectly well again.

Elvis Gaulke - Norton Hill
Garage Door Off Track | Greenville | Garage Door Repair White Plains

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: A lawn mower mishap ended up damaging one of the tracks and letting the customer’s garage door slip out.
Our Solution: The customer opted for field repairs only for the damaged track for the time being, though she was advised to consider replacing it. After manually raising the garage door off the track and straightening out the track, reinserting the door was straightforward enough.

Barbera Oldfield - Greenville

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