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Here are useful garage door tips to learn from. Scroll below. Learn the secrets of garage doors! Clever solutions for common problems and practical ideas on ways to maintain them properly! Are you in a hurry to quickly learn some things about garage doors? Check out these tips

  • How to deal with misaligned tracks

    If you determine that your door tracks are misaligned, the solution can be relatively simple. You just have to do a minor adjustment. The task involves the loosening and tightening of screws or bolts that hold the mounting brackets. After loosening the screws and bolts, slightly tap the tracks into place. Just be careful not to dent the tracks or other critical parts.

  • Changing access codes

    If your garage door comes with access codes, remember to change it as soon as the system is installed. Our garage door repair White Plains experts advise that access codes be changed regularly. You may want to invest in a remote equipped with a rolling code system, which automatically changes codes every now and then.

  • Learn more about garage doors

    Knowing things about garage doors in terms of materials, electric openers, clickers and parts is very important. It helps you understand your own garage door and how to protect the material from the weather and time but it will also help you keep track of what's available on the market when you need garage door replacement.

  • Always check your door

    Several parts of the garage door are capable of breaking down. Experts from White Plains suggest that homeowners take the time to always inspect their door’s parts. Doing so can help spot any signs of weariness and allows you to act ahead of time before the problem manifests itself.

  • A Solution to Struggling Doors

    When faced with a garage door that neither goes up or down completely, then you have to check the springs inside. Struggling doors occur especially when the springs are not working well. It will always result in the door getting stuck in the middle no matter how you press the garage door remote controls to open or close.

  • Fixing a Garage Door – Tightening Tracks

    It is often that the garage door starts ramming against the tracks and even stops at times. This happens primarily due to some issues with the tracks. Check them before you send the mechanism for garage door repair. If the tracks are loose, tighten the screws with proper alignment and make sure you contact one of our experts to inspect it.

  • Basic Garage Door Repair Check

    If the garage door has stopped responding to the controls, and everything seems alright, check the remote. Ensure that it has fully charged batteries and that it is sending out signals. A simple battery replacement can often save you a headache.

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