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An automatic garage door – or a manual one for that matter – can be affected by a wide variety of different issues, all of which have the potential to cause serious injury. They will, coincidently, make it impossible for you to use your door as well. If you find yourself facing such a problem, you need to contact our team right away. Trying to fix things without the right tools or the necessary professional training can end in disaster.

The Risks Involved With Springs

Your garage door springs are under a lot of tension on a regular basis. The very nature of their operation depends on this. However, due to the constant wear and tear these components suffer from, they can end up breaking unexpectedly. This scenario be dangerous enough on its own, but even trying to replace them after they snap can be extremely risky. Our technicians can perform this procedure safely and quickly, so you won't have to worry about putting yourself in harm's way.

Opener Problems Are Just As Dangerous

Your opener is essentially the engine that provides your door with the horsepower it needs to be able to move up and down. This unit is powered by electricity, and its motor uses several gears in order to generate the required force. That means that when something goes wrong with it, let's say a motor gear breaks, for example, you can lose a digit or two if you try to replace the damaged component by yourself. Once again, this is something our technicians are more than qualified to do for you.

Panels and Tracks

Both the panels that make up the exterior part of your door, and the tracks that guide its movement, can be damaged by things such as rust or dents. These components, just like the parts we mentioned earlier, will require an expert in order to be replaced safely. Leave it to our team to find and install matching panels that won't ruin your door's curb appeal, or to realign your tracks and straighten out any damage that may prevent the rollers from moving along them effortlessly.

You Can Always Count On Us

No matter what type of problem you are experiencing, you can rest assured knowing that our experts at Garage Door Repair White Plains have always got your back. Call us today.

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