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Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener Services | Garage Door Repair White Plains, NY

Your garage door doesn't become automated by itself. The device responsible for that improvement of your daily convenience is called the opener. It does more than that, in fact. It can also boost up the security of your home, and improve the user safety of your door. However, when something goes wrong with this unit, these qualities will take a veritable nosedive, and the system may not be safe to use until everything is fixed.

The Three Options

There is quite a large variety of different opener models you can choose to buy, but all of them belong to one of three types. Each type has its own distinct advantages and downsides. Chain-drive models are strong and usually very affordable, but they are quite noisy, and require more maintenance than some homeowners may like. Belt-drive units operate in a similar way, but they are virtually silent. They're also more expensive, though. Screw-drive based units require very little maintenance, and are also oftentimes the fastest of the three. However, although they're not as noisy as the chain-drive units, they aren't exactly quiet.

A Few Common Issues

Regardless of which opener you have, some problems can be unavoidable. Motor gears can wear out or break, circuit boards can malfunction or get fried, and various other mechanical or electrical problems can simply manifest unexpectedly. Our company specializes in garage door opener repair, and our technicians can take care of all of these issues, and then some.

The "Eyes" of The World

Perhaps the most important components of your entire garage door system are the photo-electric eyes that are installed on each side of the opening of your garage, by the lower part of the vertical tracks. These components are in charge of detecting an obstacle standing in the door's path and alerting the opener's logic board to keep the door from closing. If they become misaligned, they will to serve their prupose, and your safety will be compromised. Safety sensor realignment requires an expert's touch, as these components are quite delicate. Our technician, of course, can help you out with that.

Don't Hesitate. Act

If you're in need of some type of opener repair or replacement, contact our team at Garage Door Repair White Plains and our technicians will quickly come to your aid.

But wait, there's more! We also offer:

Part Replacement & Repair

Track Replacement & Repair

Torsion Spring Adjustment

Remote Opener Clicker Replacement


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