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Garage Door Repair in Valhalla NY

There's a saying we like to use. Help is just a phone call away. As the best local experts around, our garage door technicians are always ready to help homeowners with any type of problem they may be dealing with. For over a decade now, we've been offering our customers high quality repair and installation services for affordable prices, and we don't intend to stop anytime soon. If you suddenly discover that you need some help, all you need to do is pick up the phone.

The Team You Need

DIY is never the right approach when it comes to repairing garage door problems. This type of system is far too complex to be worth the tremendous risks involved. Not only are there a lot of moving parts that must work together in perfect synchrony, but you could get seriously hurt if you mishandle anything. Our technicians have the skills and the wealth of knowledge needed to safely deal with anything from a broken spring to a damaged panel. Rather than take a needless risk, and try to deal with a problem by yourself, simply have our experts handle it.

Products You Can Rely On in Valhalla NY

Any replacement part we use is guaranteed to last you for a very long time. Seeing as we work with the very best brands in the industry (Genie, LiftMaster, and Clopay, to name a few) we can assure you that you'll find no cheaply made substitutes when you turn to us. Of course, we aim to make our services and products as affordable as possible, so you can be certain that busting open the old piggybank will not be necessary.

A Few Garage Door Services We Provide In Valhalla:

New Garage Doors

Are you looking to replace your old door with an upgraded model? Then our team will be happy to help. We can provide you with expert consultation that will ensure that your new system will have a high R-value and wonderful curb appeal. We'll explain the benefits that each material offers, as well as the potential maintenance requirements that may go along with them. Once you are completely satisfied with your choice, our technicians will carry out the garage door installation and make sure that everything is safely secured in place and that your new system opens and closes like a dream.

Garage Door Maintenance

Of course, there is a way to keep you from having to deal with constant problems. With our regular service appointments, you'll be able to not only avoid a lot of potential malfunctions, but to also keep using your door for a lot longer too. By having our technicians regularly examine its different components and make various adjustments and minor repairs, small issues won't get a chance to develop into major problems, and the longevity of the system will significantly increase.

Garage Door Repair

As your door gets older, the condition of its different parts will begin to gradually degrade, and eventually, things will start to break down. Dealing with a malfunction is no easy task, but rest assured that our technicians will certainly make it look easy. Whether it's the tracks, the rollers, or the cables that need replacing, we'll carry out the necessary work quickly, without putting anyone's safety at risk. If the culprits involved aren't clear right off the bat, we'll troubleshoot the system until we've rooted out the problem.

Broken Extension Spring Replacement

Because this type of spring is considered less safe than the ones that use torsion to work, dealing with it requires extra caution. Our technicians will carefully remove the damaged units (they are installed in pairs), and install new ones in their place. Then we will make sure the springs are secured with safety cables, so that they won't go flying in the event that they break. Letting our professionals take care of this problem is very important, as you could get seriously hurt if you try to perform this repair job by yourself.

Garage Door Opener Repair

As wonderful as an automatic opener can be, it's not without its faults. The older this unit gets, the bigger the likelihood that some of its components will break or malfunction in some way. Sometimes it's the motor itself that needs to be repaired, other times it can be the trolley, the drive system or even the circuit board. Whatever the case may be, our technicians will be happy to handle it. We are highly skilled at fixing both mechanical and electrical components, so you can always count on us to quickly get your opener up and running again as quickly as possible.

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