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Garage doors are not the only area of expertise for Garage Door Repair White Plains. Our company also provides gate service and has excellent technicians for each system. We don't make distinctions among clients. We consider both systems extremely vital for the security of each property and professional services are the means with which people can escape problems and avoid all accidents. Rest assured that our business is prepared to deal with all odds and both systems at the same time thanks to the great number of technicians and amazing infrastructures.

We are your preferred contractors for all gate services

Gate Repair in New YorkPeople can count on our company for a great range of gate services. We install new ones, replace the old ones, check and maintain parts, provide emergency service and repair any problem. Trust us for:

Electric gate troubleshooting

We are masters in troubleshooting since it's the best way to evaluate a certain problem and make the right diagnosis. We respond very fast to your calls for problems and if they are urgent, we will arrive. We use high tech equipment and fix parts as soon as they are diagnosed with a problem.

Sliding gate safety sensor replacement

Sensors are very valuable and must be checked often. We are available for their inspection and adjustment and make sure they comply with official regulations. In case of malfunctioning and irreparable problems, we replace them instantly. Our technicians always test the newly installed ones and ensure the client's safety.

Swing gate adjustment

If the gate is not adjusted well, other parts will fail to work right and you won't be able to close it easily or properly. Our response time is quick in such instances and we always check both posts and hinges. We repair damages and make sure swing gate hinges are well welded.

Gate opener keypad installation

We install a new opener keypad with attention and in accordance with the precise specifications of the manufacturer. The keypad must give you the opportunity to gain fast access to your property and we always test its efficiency before we go. We are also available for repairs and since we are intercom experts, we can also connect it with an intercom system.

Gate opener service

We provide all services related to your swing gate operator. We fix its problems, check the motor and provide maintenance. We are excellent installers of all openers, familiar with novelties and experts in sliding gate operator repair. We provide emergency opener repair and excel in sensors inspections.

Our teams are same day service contractors. We want to be near your problems as soon as possible in order to troubleshoot and fix them. People must not deal with such issues or have to think about safety problems. Your job is to carry on with your life and our job is to make sure this happens with immediate services.

We are awesome professionals, very thorough and responsible, and make sure your gate is free of problems every single day. Email us your concerns today!

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