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Garage Doors Repair Projects in Tuckahoe NY

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Garage Doors Repair Projects in Tuckahoe NY

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New Garage Door Installation Near Wykagyl | Tuckahoe, NY

New Garage Door Installation

Customer Issue: Ms. Houston wanted a new garage door to go along with the rest of the renovations for her home. She contacted us for assistance.
Our Solution: Our team suggested a Classic Wood style Clopay garage door due to its elegant, classic beauty that easily complemented Ms. Houston’s home. We removed the former garage door from the tracks and rest of the system before inserting the rollers of the new door into place. Our experts connected the springs and cable carefully, as well as the opener.

Jacqueline Houston - Wykagyl
Garage Door Off Track | Eastchester | White Plains, NY

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: A minor car accident pushed the customer’s lower garage door rollers out of their tracks.
Our Solution: The garage tracks themselves received minor repairs, and our team recommended that the customer replace them if they start having friction issues. Then, after tightening two of the rollers back into place, they manually raised the door off track and reinstalled it for testing.

Katherine Pryde - Eastchester
Spring Replacement | Tuckahoe | White Plains, NY

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: The customer knew his garage door springs were past their recommended service life, and heard them complain more and more often during use.
Our Solution: With the door locked carefully in place, our technicians slowly loosened the torsion caps and gradually teased the torque out of each spring, removing the caps when both were fully relaxed. They then oiled the spindles, put in the new springs, and reconnected everything for testing.

Terri Rojino - Tuckahoe
Cable Replacement in Tuckahoe | Garage Door Repair Tuckahoe, NY

Cable Replacement

Customer Issue: The customer’s garage door cable had broken.
Our Solution: We disconnected the opener and then opened the door before fitting a metal door clamp. We then removed the old, broken cable and replaced it with a new one. We removed the clamp, closed the door, and reconnected the opener.

Benjamin Davis - Tuckahoe
Panel Replacement in Eastchester | Garage Door Repair Tuckahoe, NY

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: The customer had a broken panel on their door and needed us to replace it.
Our Solution: After disconnecting the opener, we removed the broken panel and replaced it with a new Clopay door panel that matched the rest of the door. We made sure it was fitted properly before reconnecting the opener and testing the door.

Madeline Creswell - Eastchester
Opener Repair in Tuckahoe | Garage Door Repair Tuckahoe, NY

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: The gears inside this customer’s opener had broken.
Our Solution: We arrived and disconnected the opener from the power. We then took it down and opened it up. We replaced the broken gears with new ones, and then refitted the opener before reconnecting it to the power and performing a test.

Hugh Baker - Tuckahoe

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