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Garage Door Projects In Mt Vernon NY Area

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Garage Door Projects In Mt Vernon NY Area

Want to learn about the latest repair and replacement projects our garage door technicians carried out? Then check out any of the examples below.

Opener Replacement Near Edenwald | Mt Vernon, NY

Opener Replacement

Customer Issue: Mr. Ellis’ garage door was unreliable concerning opening and closing. He grew worried that there was a risk of it breaking down.
Our Solution: Our professionals found that Mr. Ellis’ current garage door opener had simply grown too old to work consistently any longer. We suggested that he upgrade to a Genie 1035-V model that would be far more dependable. He agreed based on it being affordable for his budget, along with its reliability. Our technicians removed the original opener and replaced it with the new one right away.

Nathaniel Ellis - Edenwald
Sensor Alignment | Mt Vernon | Garage Door Repair in Mt Vernon, NY

Sensor Alignment

Customer Issue: Mr. Nomi’s garage door refused to close, reopening after descending only a few inches.
Our Solution: The problem was easy to diagnose, thanks to the alignment LED’s on the photo eyes. Our team loosened the sensors and adjusted and leveled them until the lights came back on, and then reconnected the opener to make sure all was now well. It was.

Brian Nomi - Mt Vernon
Opener Replacement Project | Garage Door Repair Mt Vernon, NY

Opener Replacement

Customer Issue: A new garage door required a brand new opener.
Our Solution: Our team installed a space-saving Genie Model 4064 screw drive opener, complete with sensor lights, smartphone connection, and the other included features, as well as an Aladdin Connect universal remote control. Integration and remote and smartphone configuration were all successful, and the tests proved it.

Brawne Lamia - Bronxville
Spring Replacement  | Garage Door Repair Mt Vernon, NY

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: One of the extension springs broke.
Our Solution: The customer had an overhead door with a pair of extension springs, which mean that even though only one of the two units broke, both needed to be replaced. We explained the reason to the customer (worn condition of the second unit would prevent maintaining balance and solid performance otherwise) and then we proceeded to attach two new units to his door, and made sure they were properly anchored with new safety cables.

Terrance Dowery - Fleetwood
Garage Door Troubleshooting  | Garage Door Repair Mt Vernon, NY

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Customer Issue: Something was causing the door to behave very strangely.
Our Solution: The first thing our team checked was the safety sensors, who are known for causing issues when they become misaligned. After ruling them out, we proceeded to examine the tracks, to rule blockage out as a possible cause. Finally, while inspecting the door during operation, we saw that one of the cables kept getting snagged on a part of the pulley system, which was causing the door to suddenly reverse unexpectedly. We removed the cable (it was already frayed because of the constant snagging) and fitted a new unit onto the drum, making sure that it was properly adjusted so as not to catch on anything.

Nick Golly - Mt Vernon
Roller Replacement  | Garage Door Repair Mt Vernon, NY

Roller Replacement

Customer Issue: Door was making a lot of noise because of a few damaged rollers.
Our Solution: After arriving at the customer's house and examining his system, our technician discovered that not only were there a couple of worn rollers behind the issue, but their track also needed some repairs, as it was slightly bent. After straightening the bent sections and replacing the worn rollers, our technician tested the door again and lubricated its hinges and the screw drive of the opener, to ensure it would move smoothly and more quietly.

Mark Green - Mt Vernon

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